My name is Fabien, I am a visual artist.

I’m originally from France, and moved to MontrĂ©al, Canada about 10 years ago.

I ve been drawing since I am a kid. I can remember drawing on a small sketchbook right in the school yard in between two classes when I was in elementay school, surrended by balls flying and little girls doing jump rope . While every year, every teacher would say to me that it is impossible to live from drawing, I kept on scribbling. I got my hand on a graphic tablet and a mac when I was about 15, Eventually some technical school of graphic design accepted me, when I was 17, that’s when I started to enjoy drawing with a marker in the streets. Years later, I moved to MontrĂ©al, started to work as a graphic-designer / photo editor / illustrator, working with several clients doing photo-retouching and storyboards, I kept on doing some creative things on the street level, painting, drawing all kinds of stuff and printing some stickers and zines.
Basically, I just love to go out and draw, places and the people that live in them. I also paint on walls, doing some mix between characters and graffiti abstract style, it constantly evolves.. This is the way I found to share goodness with everybody that is receptive to it. I’ve been travelling for extended periods of time to some great places in the last couple of years to confirm that painting is a way to feel good and to make others feel good.

If you would like a mural, some original artwork or illustrations just contact me.

Thanks for the visit!